"Virtual Consultation"

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● Virtual Consultation ( 1 )  /1 Hour & 30 Minutes

●Virtual Consultation (2) / 45 Minutes

● We will View The Room That You Want To  Make      As Your Luxury Space.

● Decor Of My Own..Will Direct You In the.                    Movement , Of Your Furniture Pieces,  And Any.        Home Decor. And Accessories, That Need to Be.      Place. In The Right Area, To Make Your Space.          Come Together.

● Decor Will Also Provide , The Different Places.          Where you Can Purchase Customize Pieces To.      Enhance..Your Luxury Space..

● For Specific Centerpieces, Pillows, Home Decor.      Pieces. That You want to Purchase From ,                  Decor. Of My Own..I will Right You A Invoice On.      Those Items..and Then We Will Move Forward.        On Finalizing, Your Space!!

● Welcome To Decor Of My Own Family!!!